pour toujours

Mountains evoke a sense of strength, solidity, immutability and permanence. Being from the prairies, I tend to prefer an uncluttered horizon but mountains continue to attract and fascinate me.

Our Canadian Rockies are miniature compared to the Himalayas or even the Andes but they are beautiful nonetheless. Mount Robson at 3954 m is the highest mountain in the Canadian Rockies.

Hope, B.C.


Hard to pick just one ….

Topic #84: If you could master any skill instantly, what would it be?
Bonus: In the movie The Matrix people could download any skill for use inside the virtual world. Is there any skill you think would be impossible to download? Why?

Having great musical skill or ability would be a huge asset. Artistic talent brings fame, money, recognition.Who is usually the most popular person at any gathering? The guy playing the guitar or the girl at the piano. Rock stars always look like they own the world and seem to do whatever they please. Having a powerhouse voice would be a huge asset as well. Top notch athletic skill would be a close second choice. Professional athletes also seem to have it all.

I don’t think you could download the human skill of empathy or any soft skills. These type of skills are more intuitive, beyond the range of machine language, binary 1’s and 0’s.