You have survived January nights at 30 below

dodged trucks careening down back alleys

sensed bogus treats of antifreeze

eluded budding psychos who would duct tape your legs together

and leave you on the railway tracks.

Your coat is ginger clotted hairballs

raised bloody scars criss-cross your broad skull with its ragged ears.

Your ribs show and your belly is slack so you accept the food

warily at first, then gulp it down


to look behind you.

Then you are off to familiar haunts of alleys and derelict buildings

rife with predators

stronger and bigger than you.

But your claws are still sharp, teeth like needles and legs supple to carry

you away from danger.

And you will live to fight another day.


4 thoughts on “sauvage

  1. I have known cats like this. They are inspiring, for sure. Your details are so precise – is this a cat you know?

    And hey, welcome to yeah write! Hope we get to see more of you on the grids!

    1. Hi Christine,
      This cat is an amalgam of various cats that drop by my yard from time to time, all shapes and size – thanks for the welcome!

  2. I am a softy for a ginger cat. Especially one that has experienced such an unfortunate life like the one you write about here. I like how “pause” works here: the image and the slowing down of the lines.

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