Openness implies being receptive, welcoming and listening to possibilities. There are the the good opens like openminded, open hearts, open wallets, open doors et cetera. “Open” usually has all good connotations in contrast to “closed” which implies pettiness, stinginess, coldness, stodginess. Open mouth is probably bad although there are some people who go around with theirs open all the time.(unfortunately there are sounds coming out as well)

tunnelSome people are much better at being open than others, they can basically say anything and people will forgive them or give them a pass. They can say the most outrageous things, unbosom themselves, spill their guts, tell people what they really think and face no consequences. No cold shoulders the next day, no dirty looks, no social media shaming – nada. Others like me, always regret candour – regret the words out of my mouth the instant they are uttered and long to just shove them back where they came from. I always blame my upbringing – children were supposed to be “seen and not heard.” Effusion and enthusiasm were beyond the ken of phlegmatic Germanic forbears, evidently. There are some professions or situations where this stolid silence would come in handy – espionage or law enforcement maybe.

Openness can also mean  vulnerability – by being open you “open” yourself up to ridicule, gossip, backlash, any number of human nasties. At heart I envy those who can be open, it does take a bravado, an “I don’t care” attitude which must be liberating.

How does one become comfortable being open? Is it something you practice every day until you get it right? Who can say, it has to be be right for the individual you are I guess. In the meantime, I will continue to watch with envy as the open people tell me how things are supposed to be.

2 thoughts on “ouvrir

  1. I love your well expressed thoughts. I have found that small steps help me to become more open. Also, avoiding those who like to tread on others. Shut them out of your life and open up to others that have compassion. Just my thoughts.

  2. “…my upbringing – children were supposed to be “seen and not heard.” I still have a problem with this, My grandparents on mothers side were Hungarian. On a lighter note, always being told to stay still has ruined my rhythm to dance. Thanks for stopping by my site. ~Julia

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