The older I get, the more nostalgic I become about childhood. Ah childhood, then breezy sigh. I realize how good I really had it in those days. I was free from worry, didn’t have to paybirthday bills or work for a living. There were no tough decisions to make or responsibilities to shoulder. I had good parents to look out for me  and keep me safe. There were neighbour kids to play with, puddles to splash in, snowmen to make, puppies and kittens to adopt and older siblings to irritate. Life was idyllic.

As I grew older being a kid was no fun at all.I felt powerless and constricted, always under the control of my parents and teachers at school. Being a child meant getting told what to do 24/7, having your opinions and feelings discounted by philistine adults. How self-centred we all are when we are young, the world revolves around us, don’t you know?

I couldn’t wait to get away from home so I could do what I wanted – finally. Yes, the so-called freedom was great but it also required maturity and accepting responsibility. All of a sudden there was no one standing behind me with his wallet open paying my way or writing a cheque for tuition. Worse yet, I had to do my own cooking and cleaning. I found you can only eat so many pizzas and that sticky dishes and mildewed laundry pile up overnight. Thankfully my housekeeping skills have improved remarkably.

Childhood means freedom and children should be free to enjoy life, to laugh, play and simply be a kid. Something a lot of us adults do not have the time to contemplate let alone enjoy!


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