When I think of the word brick I am reminded of the descriptive phrase “thick as a brick” This describes an individual who is not very bright, slow on the uptake, a dullard, thick, slow-witted, not the sharpest knife in the drawer, not the coldest beer in the fridge – you get the general idea. In the insult banter of the day if you wanted to dismiss someone you would say,”Her? Why she’s thick as a brick!”

Brick also figures prominently in the title of a famous song by Jethro Tull, “Thick as a Brick”. This was one of my favourite tunes from the 70’s and is also on one of my iPhone playlists. thick as a brick



So you ride yourselves over the fields and

you make all your animal deals and

your wise men don’t know how it feels to be thick as a brick.”

Whenever I get a hankering for the 70’s I listen to this playlist. There is also Brick by Brick by the Arctic Monkeys and Brick by Boring Brick by Paramore neither of which are on my playlists.

For such a stolid sounding word and prosaic everyday appearance, bricks seem to provide inspiration to artists (e.g. The Art of the Brick) and musicians.


I have always admired brick houses, they seem more reliable, safer and better able to stand up to the elements than other houses. Obviously I took the 3 little pigs story too seriously when I was younger.


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