Being a Canadian, when I think “South”, I immediately think warm. South is not only a direction but a seasonal escape from the often merciless winter we experience here. However, I shouldn’t feed into the stereotype that most of the world has of Canadians – a bunch of overly polite naifs who play hockey and live in ice huts all year round. But when you are scraping off your ice encrusted vehicle on a minus 34 day, thoughts of a trip to somewhere warm keep you sane and stop you from poleaxing your neighbour!

misc2008 005There is also the expression “go south” or “going south” a directional idiom (just learned this) meaning to escape or drop out of sight. I could really get into that expression as I would love to do both, preferably from people that want me to do more work for them. To go south (borrowed from the stock market) can also mean to go downward or lower in price or into a worse condition or position. To use in context, my career will go south very rapidly if I don’t agree to do more work for them and look enthusiastic while I’m doing it.

On another tack, I have always wanted to visit the southern U.S., that area has always had a particular fascination for me. The problem is I can’t get anyone else interested in going there, I guess visiting Civil War battlefields isn’t their idea of fun!


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