Oeil de chat

A literal interpretation…

Near-sightedness is endemic in my family; most of us wore glasses before the age of 10. It didn’t help that we were a family of reading nerds, our noses usually buried in a thick paperback, novel or even a comic book. These were not the fashion statement frames we have today. The choice then was Cat Eye frames for girls and black Clark Kent frames for boys. That was it. This was my very first pair; back then I thought they were pretty cool until I actually had to wear them. I would try and ditch them, pretend I lost them but somehow, someway they always showed up usually located by an irate teacher, bus driver or parent.


Wearing glasses was no fun – you were called a four-eyes and were picked last for most sports. Worse yet some curmudgeonly relative would point out (a la Dorothy Parker).”Men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.” They fogged up in winter, slid down your nose in summer and were a basic pain in the derriere. They certainly didn’t enhance anyone’s looks either. I always was envious of those carefree types with 20/20 vision;they didn’t have to walk around with an ungainly hunk of plastic stuck on their face.

Times changed and mercifully choices for correcting one’s vision widened considerably. I wear contact lenses most of the time but keep a pair of glasses just in case. (that look suspiciously like hipster glasses!)


One thought on “Oeil de chat

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog so that I could find yours. I love this! My first pair of glasses was so traumatic. I liked being able to see but found any excuse to take them off, too. A few weeks ago, my nephew showed up in a pair of hipster glasses. He’s 15 and has worn contacts for a while now. He actually wanted to wear glasses because he thought they looked cool. My how things have changed in the 30 years since I got my first pair!

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