Abandonment comes in many forms; virtually anything in life can be abandoned, things, places, plans, hopes, ideas and especially people.

grass-fence-border-propertyI had the most palpable sense of abandonment when I visited my family farm over a decade ago. Most of the buildings had been razed by the new owner ( I had his permission to look around so was not guilty of trespassing!) It was like nature was clawing its way back, erasing what had existed there for over 50 years. There was a feeling of oppressiveness, a heaviness in the air. I have zero belief in paranormal phenomena but it was almost as if someone was watching and that someone was angry. Out of the corner of my eye I saw jerky movements, like something scurrying away. Every time I turned to look there was nothing but tall yellow grass rippling in the wind. The farm house was hauled away to sit on a lot in the city. The basement was not filled in, the hole gaped wide open. Two dead white tailed deer lay at the bottom amid rusted freezers, sulphurous muck and assorted detritus. They probably ran over the basement hole in the winter, sank through the snow to be mired at the bottom. I heard that the new owner filled in the basement later that year.



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