le goût est relatif

One of the main obstacles in my creative process has been working with other people. This means having to run my work past a committee who may or may not share my vision of what things should look like and who scrutinize, pettifog and dissect for fun. When your creative vision clashes with a decision maker, your work comes to a veritable standstill. I routinely design print and digital materials for special events and charitable fundraisers. The event in which I am currently involved  never had a visual identity or branding of any kind. The overall effect is a pastiche of concepts from past events which appear amateurish and cobbled-together. My attempts to design a logo and create a unified consistent look are met with total incomprehension at best and at worst downright derision. This is supposed to be a high-end gala fundraiser not a community garage sale. (Not to disparage garage sales!)  I certainly don’t believe I am some arbiter of taste or the only one who knows what looks good but – come on people. It doesn’t help that the event co-chair has the aesthetic sense of a aardvark. Unfortunately she also has the temperament of Genghis Khan so dissension is not very likely. This is not so much an obstacle as a stop-dead-in-my-tracks, Speak Friend and Enter halt to any further creative thoughts – on paper at least. If they are content with their MS word created graphics, day-glo backgrounds and boxy layouts, so be it. I can take solace in my creative control over the digital content. Since I am dealing with people who are not web-conversant, (they actually may not be aware of the invention of the internet) it is my one and only advantage. I plan to channel my efforts towards the event’s digital channels and put my creativity to work where it will do the most good – raising awareness and funds for a great cause.

In response to this week’s Discover Challenge

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