two-faced woman


greta_garbo_two_faced_woman_movie_poster_2aUnless you are uber-rich, a hermit or certifiably insane, you probably have to wear a mask now and then simply to go about your daily life. Most masks are for purely expedient purposes; you pull them out when you need them to emerge unscathed through the morass of rudeness, inconsideration and downright stupidity. Masks  grease the perpetual wheels of social interaction – let’s face it we all have to dissemble  at one time or another. If we didn’t there would be a lot more fatalities and incarcerations. Honesty and truth are luxuries, if you find someone that feels the same way as you do then you have hit the jackpot, friend-wise.

The mask of forced politeness – when you are making a valiant effort to be nice to someone despite their rude behaviour e.g. a sales clerk who is deliberately ignoring you

The mask of  feigned interest  – sitting at an interminable meeting having to listen to someone  pontificate about some pettifogging piece of trivia.

The mask of faux enthusiasm – when you find out your in-laws are coming to visit the same weekend you had plans to relax and chill out.

The mask of factitious geniality – when the indefatigable co-worker who never seems to have a bad day asks  “How was your weekend, did you do anything exciting?”

The mask of  ersatz caring – when you nod sagaciously in response so that the pseudo-intellectual politically correct windbag who will not shut up buys your act.

Then there is the hardest one of all to pull off – having to pretend to like someone that makes you wish you were Vlad the Impaler for about 5 minutes.

Masks are like insurance, sometimes unpleasant, frequently boring but usually always  necessary. The win-win – aim to be genuine but just with the right people!


One thought on “two-faced woman

  1. My two faced bitch game is rather strong, but lately I’ve been trying to walk away from negativity and conversations I’m not interested in. Also, asking the questions that are out of my comfort zone helps. Honesty is beautiful, but very often you need to be the brave one to lead others in this beautiful journey of vulnerability. Results can be rewarding 🙂

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