Truth about Dogs and Cats

Have you ever wondered why some people loathe cats but feel an instant connection with dogs? On the opposite side, cat lovers prefer the aloofness of felines and often dislike the in-your-face tendency of canines. Still other pet owners have both cats and dogs as pets. How are dog people and cat people really different?



Delphine entered her kitchen, her steps accompanied by a pitch and roll of each large buttock. Her arms were like loaves of rising bread, mottled plump and flaccid.  With a beatific smile, she surveyed her work.

“Get a hobby,” her husband barked, “get off your fat butt,” then returned to his Budweiser and WWF smack down.



The dog was sitting by the fence again today. It was an August day when the heat rose from the pavement and the air felt like wet steamy sheets. The creature was a dung colored mutt with protruding rib bones and muscular legs. Its head was massive with gaping jaws out of which lolled a huge pink tongue.  He glanced at it nervously.


In the Garden

“Why do people hate us so much, Dad?” Lil’ Pete asked Big Pete.

“I guess it’s on account of the Bible,” lisped Big Pete, his forked tongue flicking in and out of his mouth, “this old time serpent conned Eve to eat that apple, then God got mad at us. Since then it’s crawlin’ on our bellies and eatin’ dust all our lives, despised and reviled by all. ”


Bad reputation 

What an ignominious fate for a priestess of Baal, being devoured by wild dogs.  It was never my plan to end up as dog chow but I stepped on too many toes and most of all offended a very unforgiving god. In both ancient and modern times, most misery in the world starts with a disagreement over religion.


Dead and the City

Being dead sure played hell with a girl’s looks, not that I didn’t make a damn fine looking zombie. Fortunately, I was still fairly fresh, had most of my skin and appendages. My eyes were a bit hollow and my mouth was sunken but I still looked better than most of the shambling wrecks around here. My lavender crinkle taffeta dress was still intact, a few rips and stains but still very presentable.  My knee joints didn’t respond like before so my feet had a tendency to drag in my Jimmy Choos.  I couldn’t complain anywhere above ground felt good to me now.


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