mother mary

I’m not sure how my mother came by this statuette. It is one of the many things of hers which I kept after she passed away. She liked to collect things but let me be clear that she was not a hoarder of any kind. Mary

I don’t know why she would have a statuette of the Virgin Mary as we were not Catholic but for some reason it appealed to her. I remember her comment when I asked her about it,”I couldn’t bring myself to throw her away.” She did display the statuette in kind of an irreverent place though – crowded in with other knick knacks in the bathroom. I doubt the Virgin Mary was ever the patron saint of bathrooms. She could have at least kept a Martin Luther toothbrush holder or something just to be fair.

At least I keep the statuette on a high shelf where she can gaze down serenely on the comings and goings of lesser mortals.  I am not remotely Catholic or possess even an frisson of religious feeling so it is odd that I would carry on my mother’s fixation. Obviously, I kept the statuette because it belonged to my mother and reminds me of her. I also like it because of its clean white lines and minimalist design. It does not resemble the lurid painted figurines with tears rolling down their agonized faces that are supposed to represent Jesus or other deities. This Virgin Mary is graceful and beautiful and looking at her I can “Keep calm and carry on” to employ a much-used old internet meme.

One thought on “mother mary

  1. I love’d the story and it’s good that you kept Virgin Mary. She’s obviously appreciating it in giving you “Keep calm an carry on” while looking at her. Should you look for a bathroom patron saint one day, I guess there would be another more fitting to the job 😉

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