What would my life be like without computers? I would be completely helpless for one thing. I use my mac, iPhone or tablet to communicate, bank, socialize, shop, find information, relax –  basically everything I do.

I would have to revert back to the dim days of the early 90’s when I still wrote letters, wrote out cheques, used the phone to actually call people and held a real life book in my hands instead of a tablet. It would seem as if time stood still, everything would take longer, no more clicks to pay or find something. Interactions would be face to face, no emails and texts or social media. You would physically have to go to the store to buy something. On the plus side, there was more privacy in our lives. No one was being shamed or publicly excoriated in social media. You didn’t have to worry about someone whipping out their smart phone and uploading an embarrassing video that goes viral.

It would take some getting used to, I would constantly be reaching for my device like a phantom limb or something. I guess my life without computers would look a whole lot like 1992.

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