toute seule

My learning style depends on the situation; in most cases I prefer to learn on my own.  I was basically forced to learn on my own when I freelanced – there was no one to show me how to do things. It was either figure it out or the work would go undone, not a viable option. Sometimes the energy of a group is highly conducive to learning, if they are a dynamic or productive group. If the opposite, then you are in for an exercise in frustration. The hands-on approach is also valuable to learn new skills. Unless you have a chance to actually apply what you learn, you don’t retain it as well.

I am highly visual, if I see a demonstration, watch a video, study an infographic or read instructions, I am usually ready to go. The least effective way to learn from me is auditory, simply listening passively to information being delivered. This gets me wondering question why I attended university for four years as the lecture format was the standard in most of my classes.

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