family where art thou

Modern Families

My parents were already middle-aged when I came along and I am the youngest child so it follows that  most of my close relatives are gone now. I have lots of late ancestors to choose from! I always had the oldest parents around a situation that caused me great chagrin growing up.  It’s incredible to think that my maternal great-grandfather  was a Civil War, not WW2 or WW1, veteran. My grandparents were all born in the 19th century, wore stiff collars, had work worn features and stern expressions. And that was just the women!

My maternal grandmother would probably find my lifestyle shocking in that it does not involve 24 hours of backbreaking toil. She was born in Iowa, USA but moved to Saskatchewan early in the 20th century where my grandparents settled on a small homestead. She would disdain “modern conveniences” like automatic washing machines and the Internet and Wi-Fi would seem supernatural . It would be such a far cry from hauling water, no electricity, making everything by hand and feeding a family of eight on pennies. As a strong Baptist, she would probably especially disapprove of my agnostic ways, eschewing church as I do every Sunday. Joining us for dinner would be an experience as we have only one “sit-down” meal per week. I think she would be shocked by my lifestyle of quick meals, snacks-on-the-run and casual dining. Meals in those days were prepared in advance and consisted of carb-laden fare such as potatoes and bread accompanied by  meat (usually beef or pork) and then more potatoes and more bread. Everyone sat at the table, grace was said and children were seen and not heard.


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