If I was a rich girl

Topic #93:

What would your profession be if you didn’t need money?

I don’t think I would need a profession exactly, I could do whatever I wanted. If I didn’t need money I would probably write, do charity work, travel and just enjoy life. Even if you are rich, you should try and do something constructive to contribute to the world. There are a glut of those wealthy individuals that don’t give back anything. The sense of freedom that comes with not needing money would be like an aphrodisiac, I never did buy the old aphorism “money doesn’t buy happiness”. I think it definitely trumps being poor and having to worry where your next dollar is coming from. I guess there are examples of unhappy rich people,( e.g. Cristina Onassis) but overall anyone that doesn’t have to go through the conventional job search /securing employment/work routine in an uncertain economy has it made.

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