A friend in need…

Topic #91:

Describe a debt you have yet to repay.

(Hint: it does not have to be a financial debt. Did someone do you a favor? Give you great advice? help you out of a bind?)

I try not to be in debt, financial or otherwise if I can possibly help it. I acknowledge that I owed my family a lot for supporting me when I was younger but it’s been decades since I have relied on anyone for anything. There are some people that I am grateful just to have in my life.

The only thing that comes to mind is last summer when it was raining here every day. My roof started to leak and needed re-shingling. After going through every roofing company in the phone book and dealing with roofers who were not exactly cooperative or nice, a friend gave me the name of someone reliable that she knew. The roof was re shingled within a week

Maybe I should ask for help more often!

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