What’s in a name..

How did you get your name? Who chose it, and why?

Supposedly I was named after popular 50’s actress Virginia Lee but probably B movie actress from the backlot of Universal studios is more accurate. My mother insisted that my oldest sister selected my name but my sister denies it so basically no one owns up to it. I always hated my given name, way, way too many ways that it can be misinterpreted. I especially hated it for its distinctiveness as I grew up surrounded by Susans, Debbies, Kathys and Lories. My family seemed to collect unusual names so mine was just one of many names that stood out from the crowd.

One thought on “What’s in a name..

  1. victoria is my name and i got my name by my biological mother who gave me up for adoption and my adoptive parents surprisingly kept the name cause i guess they liked it, although during my childhood i was simply called vicky then changed to vickie and then changed the spelling to vycki to be different from everyone else cause that is what i always felt….different, and i did get alot of cool remarks of the spelling of it 🙂
    then i had a boyfriend who found out that my real name was victoria and wanted me to change it back cause it sounded more mature and elegant and i guess he was right about that so i did and im happy i did, although alot of my close friends and family members still call me vycki. but honestly i like victoria much better 🙂

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