The 10 Commandments (in an all-female environment)

1. Thou shall never express any opinion, thought or emotion that diverges from ours
2. Thou shall be subjective at all times, never allow rationality, objectivity or the facts to alter your course of action
3. Thou shall join us in applying appropriate sanctions to any transgressor to our proscribed rules
4. Thou shall join in with enthusiasm to important discussions of the minutiae of our daily lives such as what we made for supper last night or where we got our hair done
5. Thou shall never attempt to better thyself, become smarter, more organized or especially thinner than we are
6. Thou shall impose the three second judgment on any unacceptable newcomer and then administer the off- with- her -head rule
7. Thou shall maintain bleeding heart political correctness at all times, women are always right.
8. Thou shall attend with alacrity every kaffe klatsch, baby shower, wedding shower, ladies night, luncheon and meaningless social gathering that we attend.
9. Thou shall believe implicitly in our versions of events despite compelling evidence to the contrary
10. Thou shall above all maintain a façade of happy acquiescence and contentment with your lot

Following these precepts will ensure you an inner place in our circle, you will bask in the glow of our society and contentment will be yours all your working life.

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